Guide Djerba

In the heart of the Mediterranean, the island of Djerba charms with its unique atmosphere in the world, made of luminous simplicity and haunting serenity.

At the gateway to the Sahara, it offers its dream beaches lined with wild palm trees; a convenient destination thanks to an active international airport, renovated roads and many higher class hotels.

Djerba is the island of softness: gentle landscapes and low horizon, mild climate and white sand beaches, sweetness of traditional architecture all in cubes and immaculate cupolas.

Land of ancient traditions, the region of Djerba is a hymn to the sweetness of life. Ulysses himself loved this happy garden topped with palm trees, located off the east coast of Tunisia.

Even today, does not it seem that the mythical fruit of sweet lotos like honey provides that happy amnesia felt by the ancient companions of the hero? Stopover of an eternal Odyssey, this island-oasis, unique in its kind in the Mediterranean, will seduce the traveler today

Many vestiges give material to meditate on the past of this oasis of peace which, formerly, was often subjected to evasion : Borj El Kebir, Borj Kastil …

The visitor will observe many mosques that do not have the slender classic look, but short forms: they served indeed as places of resistance against the invaders. But this coveted land was never enslaved by the conquerors thanks to the traditional heroism of the Berbers.

In the center of the island of Djerba, two villages, Hara Kebira and Hara Séghira, testify to the presence of a Jewish community. The synagogue of Ghriba A Jewish community has lived in Djerba since ancient times in perfect harmony with the other inhabitants of the island. Its synagogue has one of the oldest Torah in the world and remains a major pilgrimage center for Jews from North Africa.

Borj el-Kebir (or Borj Ghazi Mustapha) This magnificent fortress was built in the 15th century by the sultan of Tunis.

The famous pirate Dragut pushed back the Spanish invaders in 1560.

From golf to tennis, from horse riding to scuba diving, bowling to the casino, cultural festivals to discover the palm groves, a whole range of activities opens to you, multiple and varied.

Vogue with the fishermen of Zarzis, in search of natural sponges, remove the wriggling traps with those of Houmt-Souk and Mellita in their fixed fisheries …

Plenitude of the sea and imperishable memories!

While walking along the hollow paths, perhaps you will meet a bride in “Jehfa” (wedding procession) on a camel, to the sound of the tambourine and the bagpipe …

The community of Midoun will make you attend the old African dance of ” Gougou “- a great moment of folklore and the Guellala Museum will make you relive the daily life of yesteryear.

The theme park Djerba Explore will enchant you with its crocodile farm; you will also satisfy your thirst for culture by visiting the Lalla Hadria Museum which will take you from Persia to Timbuktu, via Tunisia, through 1,000 years of art and history.

And in the evening, after having filled with emotions and unforgettable images, you can still relax at the big casino of the islan

After the Tour Paris 13, the Itinerrance Gallery has dropped its bags in a traditional village of Djerba .

A veritable open-air museum, Djerbahood is a village invested by artists from all over the world. The village of Erriadh in Djerba hosted during the summer of 2014 the works of a hundred artists of more than thirty different nationalities.

Erriadh, authentic and traditional place, has become a space of expression for each of the artists coming from diverse cultures, a panorama of the World Street Art and a cultural attraction essential in Tunisia.

Restaurant Sidi Ali Adel

Restaurant Sidi Ali Adel

Specialty seafood: Fish restaurant with wolf menu, sea bream or grilled shrimp. Positioned on the south east coast of the island of Djerba.
The food is good and the service is fast open for lunch and dinner

Address: Plage Sidi Ali, Djerba Island, Tunisie
Phone Number :+216 21 805 506

Restaurant Dar Hassine

Restaurant Dar Hassine

Mediterranean specialty : Tunisian
Restaurant located in a typical Djerbian house Home very warm and friendly The food is very good and made with fresh products A very good place to remember on Djerba with good value for money.

Address: Rue Boumessouer | Airport Road, Houmt Souk, Djerba Island 4180, Tunisie
Phone Number : +216 75 650 406

Restaurant de L’île

Restaurant de L’île

Specialty seafood
Address :Rue de Bizerte, Houmt Souk, Djerba Island, Tunisie
Phone Number :+216 75 650 651

La taverne

La taverne

International specialty: meat, pasta, pizzas ….

Address : La Taverna, Midoun, Djerba Island 4116, Tunisie
Phone Number : +216 98423111

Super market Al Jazira

Super market Al Jazira

Al Jazira Super market located in front of the Al Jazira hotel is a supermarket nearby offering multibrand products, food and alcoholic drinks …